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Welcome! shall serve as general overview of our collection of videogames, consoles and related stuff.
Furthermore this website will provide pictures and reviews of some of our items.

Latest additions
Lollipop Chainsaw (XBox 360)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (XBox 360)
Fable: The Journey (XBox 360)

We want our website to be more than just an easy listing of our collection. That is why we tell you about other collections we have.
Apart from collecting we introduce different places to you that we have been to in the last couple years that we spent together.

If you want to know more about us, read the about us page and check out our site.
Enjoy your stay!

Latest News

in progress: adding games to the database; programming
Easter time soon - 24.03.10
To keep this going and people who browse our site informed, a little news!
We are steadily working on the back-end of the site to develop a system that is easy to use for us and delivers loads of possibilities for the website. That is why it may look like nothing happens on here - it will take time but we have lots of cool ideas for this project, so it's worth it!

Happy New Year - 07.01.10
First news of 2010 - to keep this updated ;-)
We only bought Muramasa for Wii as you can see above. We are waiting for Little King's Story to arrive.
Major collection updates at the weekend!!

Christmas and New Year - 31.12.09
Christmas time at
Santa Claus was really nice and had these presents for us:
Black Wii + Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort
New Super Mario Bros. CE
Metroid Prime Trilogy CE
The Conduit CE

Super Princess Peach

We wish you all a happy 2010

Let time pass - 15.10.09
We will quit the weekly news for some time because we will not buy many games before christmas from now on.
The site will steadily be updated with our current items and more features. We will be back to writing soon. Thanks for visiting our site :-)

Coding and Adding - 08.10.09
We totally forgot to write news yesterday :o
Well, apart from fixing some code (XBox 360 games were listed as XB for XBox; now it says 360) we only added some more items. More to come and hopefully new features soon, stay tuned :-)

Wii importing - 30.09.09
During the last days our first Japanese Wii game finally arrived: Captain Rainbow!
A great piece of software. Now we just have to stay offline with the Wii because Nintendo came up with a new system update which deletes homebrew which is needed for imported games.

Growing numbers 2.0 - 23.09.09
We are still adding stuff to our site and working on more content. This project will most likely never end to grow!

Growing numbers - 17.09.09
In the past days we added some more items to the collection. That is basically what we will keep doing for the next days ;-)
More sites and features are coming soon as well.

Site-Launch! - 09.09.09
Today is "the day", our website launches. As you will notice there is not much to see yet but we will steadily continue to add stuff.
At the moment there is only 4 links in the menu on the left working, the others will follow and give you an idea of what is to come. The working links will lead you to lists of our collection of videogames. Those lists are nothing special yet. We still need to add loads of items and the layout will change a few times to make the lists look better.
Detailed information, pictures, etc. will all be done over time.
We will try to do at least weekly updates and changes. Please be sure to check back :-)

Thank you for browsing our site!
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